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Welcome Prospective Member!

If you are looking for a program-that is complete in its scope and design, discriminating in it’s content and execution, and dynamic as it evolves into one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry-you have found the right home!

Group Purchasing Alliance (GPA) was formed in 1995 in an effort to provide membership access for purchasing services and products for the members of The American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF). Since 1996, these services have evolved and expanded to include all of the major surgical specialties -with a focus on privately owned and run, day surgery centers. Our focus in terms of content and programs-remains the ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) privately owned and not affiliated with a hospital chain. However, as GPA has grown in membership we have evolved and broadened the scope of all of our programs in an effort to encourage participation across medical specialties.

Our success has resulted in a membership now exceeding over 1,300 clinical sites across the United States. Day surgery centers, day spas, stand alone clinics, as well as large multi-specialty groups and state funded facilities, operated by a new breed of entrepreneur are now all included in the roster of GPA facilities nationwide.

Our programs and services are designed for your busy office. We have several new catalogs and formularies that are accessible from the internet (and can be provided to you thru your e-mail). We have a select group of vendors, manufacturers and value added resellers with whom we have worked to provide you with the most comprehensive programs and services that meet the needs of your evolving office. There is NO FEE to join GPA. Our savings average 15-55% off the standard catalog prices quoted from our competitors. If you are a member of the AMA, ASPS (formerly ASPRS), ADA-or any of a number of professional organizations-our program is designed for you! Our program may look similar to theirs-but it is not the same.

There is NO FEE to JOIN GPA!
We Have No Minimum Order Requirements for our Members!
There are No Annual Dues!

The value of our programs and services will become apparent with your first order. If We Can’t Save You Money- We Don’t Deserve Your Business!

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