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Mission Statement

Group Purchasing Alliance (GPA) exists to provide the best possible pricing for the surgeon's office surgical facility, small group owned ambulatory surgicenters, day spas, clinics and busy medical offices. There are no dues, initiation fees or other expenses, and there are no minimum orders required for membership. We have designed these programs to compete with larger GPO programs. We negotiate pricing for you from our vendor partners that is both competitive and relevant to your practice. Our programs are more defined, less confusing and easier to use than many of our competitors. Our motto is: If We Canít Save You Money- We Donít Deserve Your Business! And we work hard to make that a reality for your practice and clinical site everyday.

GPA Up-Close

Group Purchasing Alliance represents thousands of physicians across the country. We work with manufacturers, distributors, national retailers, and value added resellers to make these programs work for you. As a result of our growing membership across the US, we have been able to negotiate substantial discounts-directly with our vendor partners who support and service our contracts.

Our goal since 1995 has always been to design the various program offerings we have developed today in such a way that you will retain your interest in your membership with GPA. We have sought to create new strategic alliances with manufacturers, distributors and value added resellers who provide our members products, systems and services at prices that are more competitive than the fee-based programs we compete against. We are not just another group purchasing organization (GPO) or business to business (B2B) company -we are a service based membership organization whose sole purpose is to save you money.

Through superb national contracts with manufacturer and distributors for healthcare supplies, office supplies, and medical technology providers GPA extends to doctors a 15% to 55% savings on most of the supplies and technology solutions we offer. GPA has secured contracts that cater specifically to physicians and non-hospital facilities.

What distinguishes GPA’s program from the mass of other web-based programs are the following elements:

  • Multiple Ordering Options-you can fax, call, or use the web to order your supplies.
  • You can deal with one distributor or several-depending on what you want-and how you like to order.
  • No Fee to Join-or Maintain your Membership
  • A Relevant Selection of Products-from Quality Manufacturers-at Competitive Prices
  • Direct Manufacturer Contracts that Drive our Costs Down
  • 35 years of Experience that went into the design and content of our offerings

We have developed a formulary (or basket of goods) that caters specifically to stand-alone surgical facilities, but obviously would not be limited to just that application or clinical site. We have done this with top of the line products. We have streamlined the process for ordering and obtaining your medical office supplies by designing a system that allows you access to catalog on the web-and the ability to order these products directly with our distributors.

You’ll get the prices we have negotiated every-time you order. You can consolidate your ordering at one source if you like-or just deal directly with the distributor who has the specific item you need.

Our Stories

Charles A. Vinnik, MD, FACS, President of Group Purchasing Alliance, has been a practicing American Board certified plastic surgeon for over 32 years. As a pioneer in office plastic surgery, he was asked to form a committee to establish guidelines and standards for office plastic surgery by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 1975. When that committee became the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) in 1980, he continued on as Chairman of the Standards writing Committee, a post which he held as well membership on that organization’s Board of Directors until 1995.

It became apparent to the Board that individual organization members were paying too much for their medical-surgical supplies and pharmaceuticals. The need for a group purchasing organization became apparent. Dr. Vinnik and Mr. Scott DeWeese rectified that problem by establishing Group Purchasing Alliance (GPA) in 1994. Initially it was sponsored by AAAASF as that organization’s component. After 2 years, it was felt that being tied to a single organization was inhibiting growth and also calling into question the AAAASF non-profit status. Thus GPA has expanded to be able to incorporate all small ambulatory surgicenters.

Dr. Vinnik can, because of his background and experience continues to assist in developing new areas of product and services for GPA’s members. Back to top.

Scott P. DeWeese
, Vice President-Marketing & Business Development of Group Purchasing Alliance, has been involved in the design, marketing and operational control of GPA since its inception in 1995. His current role as V.P. of marketing and business development has provided Scott the opportunity to forge new strategic alliances that have strengthened and expanded the membership of GPA.

Development of the web site and adding new content and services to the various programs GPA currently embraces will remain the focus of his efforts.

His career highlights are many including establishing a national IPA network servicing in excess of one thousand surgical facilities nationwide. Scott has been involved in several start -up companies-this being his fourth.

He develops the content and negotiates the pricing for all medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and now electronic medical record and work flow technology systems offered to GPA members.

Mr. De Weese has developed and managed new sales territories in alternate care, acute care and hospital markets for over 20 years. In that capacity he has set up independent sales forces and VAR networks encompassing 14 western states. He has ranked as one of the top equipment sales representatives in a number of the companies he has associated with in his successful career. His resume includes positions such as Western Regional Manager, Reseller Channel Development for Medcomsoft Corporation, Quinton Cardiology Systems, Marquette Medical Systems as well as Western Regional Sales Manager for Spirometrics, Inc.

Currently Scott works closely with both Chartware Electronic Medical Records Company and Digital One Solutions (EMR and workflow solutions software providers) Mr. DeWeese is happy to arrange both onsite and online product presentations of both of these systems. He will be glad to lend his experience and assistance with both the pre-implementation planning and training of your staff-should you decide to purchase one of these systems through one of GPAís approved value added resellers (VAR) and system integrators (SI).Back to top.

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