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Green Flag Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems

We are excited to announce GPA has teamed up with GreenFlag® Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems to provide better tools for recovering bad debt and accounts receivable. Transworld Systems / GreenFlag® Profit Recovery attained the prestigious Peer Review Status from HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) for the third year in a row August 2009.

GreenFlag Profic Recovery services offer a diplomatic, low cost collections program that allows the client to stay in control at all times with access to account information 24/7. Transworld Systems' provides specialty services unique to the healthcare industry and works with numerous healthcare clients.

GPA is pleased to bring these features to our members:

  • You receive a better return on your investment with GreenFlag than a typical percentage based agency because of our fixed fee collection service, averaging less than $10 per delinquent account.
  • Delinquent accounts pay immediately due to our diplomatic approach.
  • You can decrease internal billing and collection costs with our high recovery rate and low fixed cost.
  • All money recovered is paid directly to you, which will significantly increase your cash flow.

How do you access GreenFlag's GPA Preferred Membership Pricing?

If you are a current GPA member - please update your contact information for us and include the e-mail address of your buyer via the form on our Contact Us page then call:

Glenn A. Pulice, Green Flag Accounts Receivable Consultant at

If you are new to GPA and want to become a member (be appraised there is no charge to join GPA) to have access to all of our programs including this one, join here for FREE then call

Glenn A. Pulice, Green Flag Accounts Receivable Consultant at

Questions? Call GPA at 800-716-4644 and ask for Scott.


Transworld Systems and GreenFlag logos are registered service marks of
Transworld Systems Inc. NYC License No. 1155022

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