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Our Partners

GPA maintains partnerships with industry leaders to bring you some of the best solutions available. For more information about Group Purchasing Alliance and the Benefits of becoming a member go to the About Us page.

To take advantage of the alliances with our Partners below, you must be a member of Group Purchasing Alliance. Becoming a member is easy, just click here.

Digital One

We bring the brightest minds together from around the world to collaborate and create innovative surgical products and medical devices that are less invasive and improve lives. Get connected here at our site designed specifically for healthcare professionals like yourself.

At Ethicon, we believe amazing things happen when you bring people together with a common vision. Ours is: Transforming patient care through innovation. We live and breathe our vision every day. It's at the heart and soul of everything we do. And it unites our company and the decisions we make to ensure we always put the needs of the patient first. After all, by bringing our vision to life, we not only transform patient care, but the world around us.

For more information and special GPA member pricing call Scott at 800-716-4644.

Digital One

For more than 20 years, CP Medical has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of surgical solutions, specializing in products for wound closure as well as for oncology procedures and specialty surgical applications. Our deep-rooted experience and innovative solutions for surgical applications have enabled us to expand our product portfolio of suture and wound closure products for the medical market. In addition to a comprehensive suture product line, we also provide specialty items for the oncology market, such as fiducial markers and brachytherapy needles.Find current promotion here.

For more information and special GPA member pricing call Scott at 800-716-4644.

Digital One

DigitalOne provides easy, affordable and smart multi-faceted solutions that provide you access to all documents including, but not limited to, digitally transferring reports, received faxes, scanned paper documents, emails, print capture (electronic capture of printed output from your existing information system) and electronic files. DigitalOne captures documents at the source eliminating the need to first convert and then scan them into your system.

For more information and special GPA member pricing call Scott at 800-716-4644. Also view the Power Point slides (5.5 megs)

exsalt sd7

Exciton Technologies Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has developed a proprietary platform technology which utilizes silver oxysalts. Silver oxysalts contain silver in the +1, +2 and +3 valence states. With this technology, Exciton has created an advanced wound care dressing called exsalt™ SD7. exsalt™ SD7 Wound Dressing provides advantages such as broad spectrum antimicrobial action, excellent biocompatibility, and slow pH shift to help minimize pain. It is indicated for the management of partial or full thickness wounds, including decubitus ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, first and second degree burns, grafts and donor sites, or other acute or chronic wounds.
With the overall product advantages and by using the optimal concentration of silver, Exciton is able to offer a superior and cost effective alternative to other silver-based wound dressings.
For more information, visit Exciton's corporate web site at

For more information and special GPA member pricing call Scott at 800-716-4644. Also view this presentation (2.45 megs), or visit Exciton Technologies Inc.

Health Network of Americal

Oakland Physician Network Services, Inc. (OPNS) is an independent physician owned and operated corporation comprised of over 425 primary care and specialty physicians.  From its location in Oakland County, OPNS serves the medical community by centrally maintaining the infrastructure to support best practices in medical management, office management, and database management.  It provides financial and quality analysis and reporting services that assist member physicians in delivering higher quality care and managing costs for more than 15 healthcare plans.

Please contact Scott at 1-800-716-4644 for more information as we implement this partnership.

VastArray Advertising Design

VastArray, founded in 1995, specializes in award-winning, strategic graphic design and marketing services for print and web. VastArray clients enjoy efficient, economic, and effective products and services ranging from business and sales collateral to e-media and promotion. GPA has partnered with VastArray to offer GPA members exclusive pricing for graphic design, printing, website development and marketing services. For more information about VastArray please visit For exclusive GPA member pricing you must be referred by GPA please contact Scott at 1-800-716-4644.

Knightsbridge Capital
GPA Financing and Leasing Program

Bruce Owens is a Certified Lease Professional and has been in the healthcare equipment finance business since 1969.  As one of the most experienced proffesionalsin this field, Bruce choose to work with Knightsbridge Equipment Capital, LLC, where he can offer you intelligent choices of terms and financing options including new start-up ventures. Call Bruce at (866)797-1098 or Cell 916-995-9599 for personalized service.

Health Network of Americal

Since 1993 Healthcare Networks of America has been organizing healthcare providers into national networks for the purpose of contracting with insurance carriers, PPOs, and other health plans. HNA successfully built a provider organization for over 17,000 healthcare professionals in all 50 states. HNA’s multi-specialty network currently services 6,800 payers and 24.5 million patients nationwide.  Find out how you can improve your practice revenues, find new patients, and grow your practice.

Please contact Scott at 1-800-716-4644 for more information as we implement this partnership.

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