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GPA is excited to announce our alliance with SkinStitch® "the world's finest liquid bandage". Its primary use is to cover small cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor irritations of the skin and help protect them from infection.

Product Summary

  • SkinStitch® is cutting edge technology used by health care professionals across the country to close injuries and incisions without the time and patient discomfort associated with traditional skin repair methods.
  • SkinStitch® 's unique applicator has become popular because it is superior to other brands in that it offers full view of the work area, better control in application, and less waste.
  • SkinStitch® saves both time and money over conventional skin repair procedures.
  • SkinStitch® 's competitive pricing offers substantial savings over similiar products currently on the market

How do you access GPA’s discounted pricing?

If you are a current GPA - go to the SkinStitch® website and navigate to the "online orders" page. Use the GPA member code "GPA11" for your member pricing.

If you are new to GPA and want to become a member (be apprised there is no charge to join GPA) to have access to all of our programs including this one, join here for FREE.

Questions? Call GPA directly at 800-716-4644 and ask for Scott.

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