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Group Purchasing Alliance - Terms of Use Disclosure & Agreement

The programs developed and the discount pricing programs provided on these pages and by our vendors are for the sole use of GPA members and its strategic partners. The information you provide to GPA is held in confidence and is not provided to any 3rd party marketers or associations. GPA, operating as a broker for the benefit of its members, provides access to selected goods and services to its health care provider members. GPA is generally paid a fee of 3% or less of the purchase price for the goods or services provided by our vendor partners.

GPA is a privately held corporation. GPA does not charge an enrollment fee to join or annual dues for continued access to its programs. GPA does not purchase any products for its members-nor does it stock, sell or warehouse anything. Our role is to negotiate relevant programs that have the products and services our member's desire and need to reduce the cost of their office, clinic, surgery center or small hospital. GPA is not a subsidiary of any parent corporation nor is it wholly owned or directed by any entity other than the limited number of partners making up its current board of directors. GPA is not directed or controlled through any other wholly-owned entity and never intends to be.

The fundamental purpose of a GPA is to allow its members to join together to leverage their purchasing strength in order to purchase goods and services at lower prices. The goal is to enable us (as brokers) to lower your costs and allow you to become more competitive as a medical practice as we grow in membership and volume. This has been our strategy for 15 years and GPA in its basic form is a cooperative of buyers. The goal of GPA is to keep our fees low, and negotiate for the largest discounts we can from our vendor and distribution partners on behalf of our membership. Let us be clear: by joining GPA and signing the enrollment form you are not required to purchase through GPA's contracts. We hope that you do-and try hard to make a compelling case for you to do so. The philosophy of GPA has always been: If We Can't Save You Money- We Don't Deserve Your Business! We work hard to make that a reality for your practice and clinical site everyday.

We present these facts and provide these disclosures in an effort to fully inform you as to how we operate as a company-and why your signature is required on the enrollment form. If we have your permission to speak on your behalf-we will try and save you some money. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this regard.